I answered that age old question; what does it feel like to be tea bagged on snow?

I rode solo on a snowboard for about an hour in more sheltered bay (Sports Dock) because the snow was better. Then I went to visit Bill downwind. By the time he and I went back out, it had WAY picked up.

Bill was on a 7m SB and I was fully depowered on my 9m SB. After borrowing Bill’s skis, plowing into a small drift and crossing tips, I got to enjoy a little downwinder on my belly. Lucky snow didn’t fill my pants. By then Bill had inverted and we both said it just wasn’t fun. So I literally wrapped up my lines and did a snow version of the self rescue all the way back down wind to Bill’s house.

It is a guess, but it was a solid 25mph with gusts over 35mph. There just wasn’t enough snow coverage in the high wind areas to edge. Even with skis, the black ice patches were too much in the high wind.

In hindsight:

What I did right:
1. Quit before I got hurt.
2. Used the water self rescue technique to get back to the launch.
3. Made sure I didn’t leave my riding partner behind.

What I did wrong:
1. Did not recheck the wind before going back out.
2. Failed to recognize the surface conditions were different at different places on the lake.
3. I had too big of a kite for conditions.