March 20, spring, last snowkite session.

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March 20, spring, last snowkite session.

Postby jv. » Wed Mar 20, 2019 4:55 pm

Got out at home on little m today for an hour, 12m foil and snowboard. Lake still covered completely with ice, soft/slushy on top. Lots of variation in color and texture, probably some dangerous areas, wore drysuit but never went through. Wind a little soft so I took few chances as I would have relied on wind for rescue, though had ice picks around my neck and stayed primarily on north end in rather shallow water.

As this was probably last snowkite session of the season, I looked back at posts this season and conclude overall it was a pretty good year! It helps to have diversified with kite, wing & sail; skates, skiis and snowboard. Now for some water...

Yesterday I began de-winterizing our 5th wheel RV and now packing kites and windsurfing equipment. Bonnie and I heading to Florida early next week for a few weeks at Space Coast with the 321 crew, and also Melbourne and Sebastian Inlet. Then meeting up with Powerman and WindPower crew from Windybago for annual pilgramage to do homage to the wind gods in the Outer Banks, NC for a week. Bought Powerman's foilboard, hoping to develop that habit over the next month. By late April when we get back our water should again be open. Ready for some warm water!!! Life is good!
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