Apostle Islands trip report.

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Apostle Islands trip report.

Postby jv. » Mon Sep 11, 2017 11:43 pm

Spent the past week in Apostle Islands on Lake Superior. Will mention right off that the Apostle Islands National Seashore does not permit windsurfing or kitesurfing from its beaches, and it does have some nice beaches that would lend themselves very well to windsports, but...

It turns out that Madeline Island is not part of the national park, and the bay on the east side of the island works well with anything but west wind as it is a long cresant of a beach. The beach is not very wide, but the water is shallow so drift launch works well if you do not have assistance. While Superior can be a might chilly, I was out in boardshorts yesterday. Of course I am often in boardshorts when everyone else is dressed like seals... if you visit Madeline island, you will need to take ferry unless you have a boat, and unless you have nastered riding a bike with all your gear, you will need a vehicle as it is a long way across the island. On the north end of the beach is a nice local park with parking, bathroms, showers and no fees. You will need to carry your gear down steps and walk a bit, but not too bad. On the south end of the beach is a state park with facilities and fees....

If you do not have a boat and don't want to pay for ferry, it is possible to launch at Thompson's West End Park in Washburn if you camp there as I did. However, I did not launch there or at Sioux Beach where Friendly Valley Rd crosses Hwy 13 between Washbourn and Bayfield as I never had favorable wind (was in the bay on Madeline when what little wind there was was available). Both of these places would be best leveraged with assisted launches. I was also told that there are places to kite on Long Island if you have a boat, and the beaches just west of Ashland look promising for all but south wind.

Not much wind this week, briefly used 12m inflatable but mostly had to rely on 15m Chrono to kite. And I have now unfortunately mastered the art of fishing foil kites from the surf and cleaning the sand from inside the kite - an art I began learning at SSYC but since have perfected...

Now when the wind is not blowing while visiting the Apostle Islands, I highly recommend kayaking the sea caves - beautiful place to explore when the lake is calm.
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Re: Apostle Islands trip report.

Postby PowerManJ316 » Tue Sep 12, 2017 12:32 pm

Great report jv. May be heading up to Ashland in October.
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