Kite beach & foil boards.

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Kite beach & foil boards.

Postby jv. » Sat Feb 24, 2018 11:52 pm

I am in Maui and been at kite beach all week trying to get a decent session in, built up some credits on rental gear now that Don left with his 14m as trade winds have been absent. But what I want to comment on is foil board talent at this beach! If the air is moving, a group possibly pro locals are on the water and in the break on foils and I think the biggest kite I saw them use was 6m. Normally 5m-3m or smaller, barely trainer kites w/o any inflated battons. In crappy winds inside they get going, and tear it up in the break and outside. I was expecting to see big closed cell kites like Chrono in light air, but seems future really is foils. Foil kiting, foil windsurfing, foil SUP in waves, and I suppose I will eventually see foil surfing.

Powerman, if you bring a foil to Hatteras in April, I’d be up to a lesson... ;)
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Re: Kite beach & foil boards.

Postby PowerManJ316 » Mon Feb 26, 2018 11:55 am

Nice jv!

It's incredible how little kite power you need with a hydrofoil. I bet they were using super efficient foilboards also...I am learning a lot about kites and boards and just like kites, the hydrofoil boards have hi-med-low aspect foil kits. I know the pros can ride a race foilboard in 5-6 knots, which absolutely blows my mind.

I'll definitely bring my Naish foilboard. Give yourself 2-2hour sessions and you'll be getting the hang of it. Then you'll start worrying about the reverse-walk-of-shame. This happens when you get too far upwind and can't ride the foilboard downwind (which is super tricky).
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