Windsurfing at Bradfor this weekend

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Windsurfing at Bradfor this weekend

Postby Stafford » Fri Jul 27, 2007 8:29 pm

I got the following in an email:

This is a reminder that the 2nd Annual Bradford Beach Jam Windsurfing Regatta will take place this weekend. It is looking like the wind and weather will cooperate, hoping you will all have a chance to attend! Below is a link to an electronic invitation, including an opportunity for some free stuff for the first 250… Hope to see you this weekend!

You are invited to 2007 Bradford Beach Jam .

2nd Annual Bradford Beach Jam Windsurfing Regatta

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Notice of Race

See or

for complete Notice of Race, Maps and other Regatta information.

See for additional event information.

The Bradford Beach Jam Regatta will be held from July 27-29, 2007 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The event will be part of the larger Bradford Beach Jam which will be held on that beach Friday & Saturday. This event will be an outstanding opportunity to showcase windsurfing in front a very large athletic audience!

Organizer: Midwest Organizers of Windsurfing (MOWIND) is the organizer of this event. The results obtained by current MOWIND members will factor into the 2007 MOWIND standings, using MOWIND hi-points scoring. Formula, Hybird (Prodigy & RSX), Open and Limited classes will be included, and Sport, B & A fleets scored. Sails must have unique legible sail numbers.

Venue & Weather: The event will take place at Bradford Beach in Milwaukee, WI (see map & directions on opposite side). This beach is located immediately north of downtown Milwaukee. This is a very large sandy beach with a grassy rigging area. At the time of the race, conditions will vary but you can probably expect wind ranging from 4 – 20 knots. Water temperature is likely to be in the 60 - 65 degree Fahrenheit range, but can cool dramatically with west wind.

This regatta is part of a larger festival that will include Beach Volleyball, Rugby, Soccer, BMX Biking, Skateboarding, Music and food/beverages.

Parking: Parking for competitors needing access to their equipment will be reserved at the event site, but since this is limited we ask that each competitor arrive early and use only the parking required for their equipment. For those not fortunate to get a good parking spot, an equipment drop-off area will be available.

Event Rules & Schedule: Event rules and competitor eligibility will be found on the website included. Courses shall be described in the Sailing Instructions which will be available at the skippers meeting. These will include several course racing variations, slalom and possibly a distance event. Schedule is subject to change, watch website.

Friday afternoon a number of fun windsurfing events including ‘sporting events’ will be arranged, and from 4:00 – 7:00 we will run a freestyle windsurfing event. These will be less formal events intended to get as many as possible to participate. Judges will include competitors and the audience. These events will be designed to get the crowd to notice and appreciate our sport as we play on the boards!

Saturday the skipper meeting will be at 10:00. Racing will include course and slalom with the last race starting no later than 4:00. Awards for the freestyle and certain Saturday races will be given at the larger Bradford Beach Jam award ceremony.

Sunday the skipper meeting will be at 10:00, with the last race to start no later than 2:00. Course racing and possibly a distance race will take place, with awards presentation concluding no later than 3:30pm. MOWIND points will be awarded based on all Saturday & Sunday races.

Liability: Competitors take part in all races at their own risk. The MOWIND, US Windsurfing, ISAF, FW Class, IWA or any of their officials or representatives or the sponsors or their officials or representatives are not responsible, under any circumstances, for any damage, loss or injury either on shore or on the water either to persons or equipment, which may result. Participation in this event, supporting events and in each race in them is at the sole discretion of the sailor and at his/her own risk.

Food: No food or meals will be included in the cost of this regatta. The Bradford Beach Jam will have food and beverages for sale, and we encourage all participants to take advantage of this. The race committee will provide water on the committee boat during races.

Accommodations: The Milwaukee area has many hotels and campgrounds. You will find the hotels downtown near the event site are relatively expensive. Hotels south of the city on 27th Street (see driving instructions from south) tend to be somewhat less expensive and are within 20 minutes of the event site. See map and information on other side for information. Call me for help with hotels/camping, or an excellent source for hotel & camping information is found at:

Registration & Entries Fees for Competitors: Competitors must check-in on site at the registration desk located at the Race site. The registration desk will be open for all racers from noon until 7:00pm on Friday, July 27 and from 8:00am until 10:00 on Saturday, July 28. Pre-registration is appreciated for planning purposes. Please contact Jeff Koeberl via email or phone number provided below, and leave a message indicating who will participate. Do not send money, it will be collected at check-in when registration is filled out. The fee for this regatta is $35 per competitor.

Contact information: For pre-registration or more information contact or 262-971-0769. Other regatta and event information will be found and kept updated at the following websites:

Special thanks to our sponsors:

Kevin Gratton of Windpower Windsurfing

Picture (Metafile)

Ralph Ruffolo of Southport Rigging

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DIRECTIONS: There is considerable construction going on in downtown Milwaukee at the Marquette Interchange near the event site. For updated information see: Parking for windsurfers will be marked immediately south of the beach.

Directions: FROM WEST: I-94 East to I-794 EAST; I-794 EAST to LAKEFRONT EXIT(1F); exit LAKEFRONT EXIT; Turn slight LEFT onto N Lincoln Memorial Dr; continue north on N Lincoln Memorial Dr approximately 2 miles to site.

Directions: FROM SOUTH: Exit LAYTON AVE(EXIT 317 if you are traveling north on I-94) or go North on 27th Street if you are staying in a motel along 27th street south Milwaukee ; take LAYTON AVE EAST to 794 NORTH(about 2 miles);turn left on to 794 NORTH(WATCH YOUR SPEED); Continue to follow 794 NORTH; merge into the 2 left lanes exit 794 TO DOWNTOWN; stay in the right lane over the bridge; take EXIT 1F toward MICHIGAN ST.; Merge onto LINCOLN MEMORIAL DR.(right lanes); take Lincoln Memorial Dr approximately 2 miles to site.

Directions: FROM NORTH: Take I-43 South; exit NORTH AVE and go east to the Water Tower(E North Ave/N Lake Dr), go around the Tower and take East Water Tower Rd(right) to N Lincoln Memorial Dr; turn left to site.

The address for Bradford Beach is: 2400 N Lincoln Memorial Dr, Milwaukee, WI 53211.

Please call Jeff at 414-899-5646 or send email questions to if you have questions about route, camping or hotel questions. Also, use the Yahoo Group MOWIND at for questions and discussion about the event.

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Re: Windsurfing at Bradfor this weekend

Postby jv. » Sun Jul 12, 2015 9:29 pm

Found this in your archives Stafford. Way cool, you were promoting my event at Bradford beach, way back in the day. Cool story from this event, on one day prepping for the event one of the guys that provided a support boat for the event was letting us wakeboard with a board he had found on the lake a week earlier. Don Altmyer from Fon Du Lac heard from a Milwaukee kiter that he had recently lost a board, and during the event board and kiter were reunited. Likely someone on this forum... This was always a well attended windsurfing regatta, though it was always tough for me because running this made it impossible for me to participate in the beach volleyball competition which was going on at the same time.

Would be great to get a kiting enent like this, even if it were more about freestyle. While we always raced for this regatta, I always ran freestyle competitions, and tried some experiments eith windsurf soccer, pair windsurfing, etc... :)
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