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12m Ocean Rodeo Flite

Postby dmonn » Wed Feb 12, 2020 6:01 am

I tried out a 12m Ocean Rodeo Flite yesterday in 10 - 15 mph wind. I could have used more wind, but I think it was enough to get a feel for the kite. I thought it handled really well. I'd call it a very well-behaved kite. It had very smooth power control, good turning speed, good upwind ability, and good drift. I didn't have enough wind to try jumping (and I don't jump much on ice), so I can't report on that. Launching on ice is usually easier than on water, but this kite made light wind relaunch super easy. The kite does the standard, pull one side of the bar type launch like a kite should, but in super light wind it reverse launches like a dream. It took almost zero wind for it to come down, but it took almost no wind to get it back in the air. It was very controlled as it came up off the ice upside-down, then when I rotated it to flying position it did so quickly and without deforming (wingtip folding) like a lot of kite do. This was a really impressive aspect of the kite, and one that's important for those of us who sometimes push the low end limits. It should be a great kite for those low wind sessions on my Sector 60 or for those who foilboard.
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