Airush Lithium Light Wind 15m -- review

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Airush Lithium Light Wind 15m -- review

Postby Stafford » Tue Dec 29, 2009 7:28 pm

Spent some time on it both with blades at Veteran's and on the water in Florida. Here is the skinny:

Floaty jumps
easy to jump
light bar pressure
super easy relaunch
very good light wind performance, as good or better than my ol' 13m EZE but not as finiky to fly
solid bar w/spinning leash
good build
beginner to intermediate level light wind machine

bag is only for mini-me, you better pack your kite really well or it won't fit in the bag
not hugely high jumps
fat 'ol leading edge takes a long time to pump up
kinda ugly looking

- Stafford
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