2011 BEST Taboo Kite

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2011 BEST Taboo Kite

Postby FL Kiteboarder » Fri Oct 08, 2010 9:19 am

From tabookite.com -

The Taboo range represents a new concept in building the ultimate quiver of high performance kites.

Each size of the Taboo is uniquely engineered to optimize performance for specific riding conditions.
Every aspect of design, shaping, material selection and construction has been tested and selected
to create the ultimate ride in every kite size.

The Taboo delivers an unprecedented experience for hardcore riders who long to push beyond the limits of their current quiver.
Ranging from 4m to 17m, there is a Taboo for all wind speeds and all advanced riding styles. Each size in the range blends a
different balance of 'control', 'power' and 'flow' allowing you to completely reinvent your riding game.

Unhooked big-wave riders and Wakestyle enthusiasts will find that the smallest Taboos offer the perfect blend of tight and fast
steering responsiveness, light bar pressure and unhooked control, allowing them to express their style like never before.

New-school riders in the hunt for eye-popping kite-loops will be blown away by the uncompromising power delivery and handling
from the mid-sized Taboos. Hooked or unhooked the Taboo remains rock solid stable to the limits of its wind range.

For course racing and lightwind conditions, the largest Taboos are the most aerodynamically refined kites
we've ever made. Every gram of spare has been trimmed back to deliver maximum lightwind performance and racing advantage.

With a size range of 4m, 5.5.m 7m, 8m, 9m, 10m 12m, 14m, 15m and 17m there is a Taboo for your every need.
If you want to reach the outer limits of performance, it's time that you flew the Taboo.

VIDEO: 2011 Best Kiteboarding Taboo Kite in Action

VIDEO: 2011 Best Kiteboarding Taboo Kite - Design Concept

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