2012 Airush Varial X 12m

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2012 Airush Varial X 12m

Postby stheis » Sat Nov 26, 2011 7:34 pm

Thanks to Stafford for letting me demo this kite yesterday...At first I was just gonna take a few tacks and rig my kite up as usual but when I came back, I was asking if I could stay out on it! This was the best first impression a kite has made on me yet. Here's a couple things I noticed about it that stood out from other kites I've used. It had really smooth power and had a nice even amount of depower (it's not instant off, which I think is better because for example, if I hit a bump and have my arms outstretched for a moment I won't fall or sink in the water). Jumping was pretty sweet, but the best part was the landings. I've never had a kite place me down so gently ever and this one did every time! Bar pressure and turing speed seemed just right where I always knew where it was. Didn't get chance to relaunch it so can't comment on that. Not sure how it'd do in waves...I tried getting a feel for this by carving and riding at it, but couldn't really tell. Give this one a try for sure, looking forward to trying out the 9m too! Oh yeah, great graphics and colors on this kite too!
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Re: 2012 Airush Varial X 12m

Postby dmonn » Tue Jan 03, 2012 2:10 pm

I love the 15m Varial X Race for the same reasons, as well as the extra hang-time that comes with the soft landings. Since I don't really surf waves yet, I can't comment on using it in waves, and I have yet to drop mine in the drink so I don't know about relaunch. I do know that self-launching is easy from a static, tethered launch. The kite is pretty stable when you park it on a wingtip at the edge of the window. Sweet kite.

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