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Lightwind Equipment Demo Review

Postby stheis » Tue Mar 27, 2012 8:37 am

Was stuck on the beach Sunday in dying conditions as I couldn't stay upwind at all with my lightwind longboard and 12m Torch (which works in at least 16-18mph). I got to demo the new Airush Sector and man is that thing just magical. It literally felt like the wind had picked up at least another 5mph as I was immediately cruising upwind and moving fast. The apparent wind you make with the board is amazing. I really have never been much into light wind, but I was actually having a really good time.

The wind came down even more and I was ready to go home, but then was coaxed into trying out a 15m Ozone Catalyst with the Sector and was once again having a blast. The kite behaved very nice and even in this very marginal wind; the kite never thought about back stalling or going too far to the edge of the wind window (the two reasons I haven't bothered with a lightwind kite for the last few years).

Thanks to Stafford for providing the demo and saving my session (twice). If you haven't tried a Sector or one of the newer lightwind specific kites recently, things have really come a long way and I encourage you to try either or both and see what you're missing.
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