Climbing harness for snow

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Climbing harness for snow

Postby dmonn » Sun Jan 19, 2014 2:17 pm

Since I screwed up my hip I can't use a seat harness any more. With a wetsuit or skin the waist harness I've got is fine, but over my snowgear it sucks. I can crank it tight enough that I have trouble breathing, and it still rides up. It just doesn't grip the dry nylon on my snowgear very well. I searched the snowkite forum, and guys were recommending a "big wall" climbing harness. I decided it give one a shot, and it's awesome!!!!!!

I bought a Metolius Waldo Big Wall harness. ... mhhcm5lc3M It's super comfortable. It gives you the freedom of a waist harness with no ride-up. It doesn't need to be cinched very tight to feel solid. It gives me great lower back support, and no "rib squeeze". It has about a million ways to adjust the fit, so it's not real easy to get into it. Once you're in, though, you hardly know you've got it on. I actually did the 1/2 mile hike into and back from Mud Lake, including setup and packdown, while wearing the harness.

There are two ways to clip in with it. There's no spreader bar, but I didn't feel the need for one while riding. You can clip into just the waist belt if you're mowing the lawn, or (safer) clip into the combo leg strap connector and waist strap. If you're catching air, you should probably clip into both. It was comfortable either way. I just use a carabiner to clip the harness to the chicken loop, since there's no spreader bar or hook.

Price is less than a regular kiting harness, too. Mine was about $100. I hope to go to the Sturgeon Stampede, so if you'd like to check it out, I'd be happy to let you try it.

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