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Postby joe » Sun Apr 27, 2014 11:31 pm

If you've seen me riding a twintip in the last 2 years or so you may have been smokin' some good stuff.... I don't use them much and haven't even owned one for a while mostly because they kill me feets, splash me in ze face, and I'm not that into wakestyle, and I've never been great at jumping.

Here's the point. I have a loaner Nobile T5 from the shop, I rode it yesterday in the chop and hardly got splashed in the face which was cool point number one. Upwind was pretty good and I had the smaller fins on it (each Nobile twintip comes with two sets of fins) so that was cool point number two. I also found some flat water behind the jetty at grant and found the T5 to have some great pop. I hardly use my kite to pop when I do my one sweet move so I've always needed the extra pop from a good board... T5 did great. A few other things to mention, it looks pretty awesome and like all the Nobile boards they have great build quality. The best part for me personally is the footstraps. I had foot just before I started kiting 7 years ago or so and always have found footpads on twintips bothersome and rather painful after a while. The Nobile pads and straps are fantastic, I rode no issues yesterday for like an hour and a half.

Best thing about these boards though... Hainey hasn't broken his yet after 3? maybe more seasons. Ask him what gear he has that hasn't broke, the 50/Fifty might be the only thing on the list.

Stafford has been uploading some review videos to youtube so check them out there or on the webstore! Plenty of them in stock!
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