Winter Booties--O'Neill Heat Series

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Winter Booties--O'Neill Heat Series

Postby dmonn » Tue May 19, 2015 7:32 pm

I got some O'Neill 7mm round toe booties and used them all Spring. For those who don't like zipperless booties, this series may change your mind. You may not like thick booties (I personally like my feet warm), so you may not want them this thick. But don't overlook booties without zippers. O'Neill got these right. If they make them in a thinner boot, you'll love 'em. I've always felt that zipperless booties were much warmer than those with zippers, but they were always really tough to get on and off. These are different. They have a higher back and maybe stretchier material, with an arch strap and a cuff strap. Whatever does it, they're easy to get on and off, and the ultimate in warmth. So far they show no sign of wear. I also like the round toe design because it seems to wear better than a split toe design, and is more comfortable (and probably warmer). Did I mention that they're really warm? So next Fall when you're looking for booties, I'd recommend trying these.

Just my unsolicited opinion.

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