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Cheap Ice Anchor

Postby dmonn » Fri Dec 23, 2016 3:38 pm

I misplaced my ice screws. I don't remember where I stored them last Spring. I didn't want to replace them (I had two) to the tune of over $100, so I came up with a really cheap, effective and simple solution.

I tied a strong line around a 12-inch long steel spike, and taped the line in place at the balance point of the spike. I put a loop in the other end to enable me to attach a carabiner. I tied and taped a thin line to the head end of the spike, where the length of the thin line was about a foot longer than the stronger line. I then tied the loose end of the thin line to the loop where I was going to attach a carabiner.

To set this in the ice I drilled a 1-inch diameter hole through the ice with an 18-inch long auger bit and cordless drill. I lowered the spike through the hole, it rotated to horizontal, and I pulled back on the strong line to set the spike against the underside of the ice. I attached a carabiner to the loop and used it as an anchor while setting up my kite.

After kiting I used the anchor strap to land my kite and to keep it from blowing around while I packed up. To retrieve the spike all I had to do was take the tension off the loop, lower the spike farther into the water, and pull the spike out by pulling on the thin line. Worked like a charm. Total cost--zero, since I already had the materials. Time to put it together: about 5 minutes. Time to install in the ice: About 90 seconds. Time to retrieve the spike: 10 seconds. As an alternative to the pricey auger bit, you could probably use a spade-type wood boring bit with an extension. The only issue that you might have with that would be getting the ice shavings out of the hole while drilling through the ice. You'd probably need to work the bit up and down in the hole to keep the hole clear while drilling. It surprised me at how easy this was to put together and use, especially for the price--Free!

I can't seem to upload a photo, but if you'd like to see a picture of the setup, send me a PM with your e-mail address and I'll send one along.

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