Lucifer NPX Drysuit - The Skinny

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Lucifer NPX Drysuit - The Skinny

Postby Ripshade04 » Sat Apr 25, 2009 10:28 am

I'm used to riding in wetsuits and steamers that are freebies and usually from the 1980's. My experience with drysuits are fairly minimal. I wore stafford's barney suit once and rode the new Lucifer drysuit by NPX. I can say that the suit made by NPX is very nice although pricey.
I rode in this suit in 40 degree water with high 60 air temp.

Super comfortable (the neck doesn't feel like a midget/really weak person is choking you)
Came off very warm - I'll confirm this when I ride in arctic wisconsin weather.
Pee Zipper YES! (Be careful, the zipper down there is a little sharp.)
With the right undergarments I came out practically dry.
Good seals - Took some hard falls and floated for a little while in the lake, no cold water into the suit.
Seamless feeling with harness under the drysuit - Really nice!

Cons -

A little bulky - the bottom of the legs tend to drag on the ground but there is velcro on the bottoms to synch them up around the ankles/booties (I like to wear them open like snowboard pants)
The hood is pretty big or maybe my head is just really small - Nice thing about it though is there are some pull cords to get it to fit to your face
Almost felt like there was a little wind bleed coming in from the zipper on the back
Kind of a pain to get harness on and off, especially hard to re-adjust harness when wearing gloves and an old harness where the straps slip.

Overall - I really enjoy this drysuit and recommend it to anyone who plans on riding in cold weather.
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Re: Lucifer NPX Drysuit - The Skinny

Postby michael » Sun Apr 26, 2009 4:38 am

shops promote this suite on a large scale here in Austria as well...
but it is really costy (~500 euros "reduced" already. that is around 660 $ atm).

seems that people really like it though.
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