Hotline wetsuits, boots, gloves, thermals all 10% off!

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Hotline wetsuits, boots, gloves, thermals all 10% off!

Postby joe » Fri Apr 04, 2014 5:35 pm

We are putting our spring order in first thing Monday April 7th. If you need a new wetsuit, thermal, gloves, or boots, order up by Sunday night for 10% off!!

All I can say is that Hotline stuff has been nothing but a good experience so far. A lot of guys have picked up the UHC 5/4 which is a shoulder to shoulder front zip virtually eliminating the possibility of getting flushed. A bunch of us were all riding in them last weekend, and surfing yesterday without getting cold. Another thing to comment on is the boots. My feet get cold no matter what but the 7mm Hotline boots were unreal. As I said, we kited last Sunday, Monday, and surfed yesterday without having to come in for warm water to thaw them out. I had Patagonia boots last fall/winter and always found myself coming in a half hour to hour before the guys in the Hotline 7mm boots.

Quality is great too, everything is sealed up nice and I haven't seen any signs of wear on seams, stitching, etc.

Enter HOTLINE10 on checkout at for the discount!
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