8m & 12m Ozone Manta II foil kites comple w/bars for sale.

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8m & 12m Ozone Manta II foil kites comple w/bars for sale.

Postby jv. » Thu Dec 14, 2017 1:02 pm

I am selling my 2010 Ozone foil kites because I never use them since I upgraded to Ozone Summit foils a couple years ago. I held on to the kites because they were in great shape and I figured my grandsons would use them, but since they moved to southern California the kites are being wasted.

The 8m is like new as I was usually on the 12m, but even the 12m is in very good shape as foil kites wear well even when used frequently if properly cared for. I have no bag for the 12m, both fit in the 8m bag. I upgraded to the Summit kites a couple years ago only to have a 5th line setup.

Asking $400 for each kite, you are welcome to try them before making an offer - and I'd be happy to provide instruction for using foil kite if you are an experienced kiter that has not used foils before. I have preferred foil kites to inflatables on snow, much easier to launch/land & manage - and saves wear & tear on your inflatables.

You can reach me via this forum email, or call me if you already have my number.
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