Galveston area.

Beach Access, Safety, etc.
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Galveston area.

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I am re-posting this here in case someone ever interested in Galveston area.

Wanted to provide a report for anyone interested regarding Galveston kiting/watersports. We have briefly visited the area passing through previously, but only brief sessions. This time we are here for 5 nights, and to make sure I could enjoy all options I rented both an ocean side house on beach, as well as sound side house on the water, needed both because have about 20 family members along. We are about 4 miles north of the San Luis beach for reference.

Ocean side I am amazed by sand and conditions. Sand very fine (compared to Florida/OBX ocean side for example) very packed, and very shallow/gradual dropoff into gulf - can walk out a surprising distance. We had onshore winds past couple days around 20+ mph, and though beach looked a bit violent, wasn’t as bad as it looked. I had a nice wingfoil session, but not as long only because I had spent so much time earlier at the house on the sound playing and teaching. I saw some other kites in distance in both directions, was really impressed with conditions there. No crowds on shore, we are actually nearly 20 miles south of Galveston itself where the crowds are. Frankly, this area like oceanside Outer Banks but even better!!

Bay side was also awesome, though offshore winds did keep me on my toes during lessons for my grandkids (ages between 17 and 25). Very shallow (low tide too shallow to foil even with short mast in many places) most a half mile from shore. Also, at lower tide in some places VERY far from shore my foil found the bottom occasionally. Bay side I just kept shortest masts on boards, or fins for first lessons. Water a bit warmer than I liked, but others appreciated that bonus…

Bottom line, an awesome watersport area - know there is a lot of kiting closer to Galveston and Houston itself (that is where we had previously been in the water), but as I suspected less people well south of Galveston but AWESOME conditions. However, storm now finished this morning so the next couple days likely to be SUP and licking wounds (bit bottom too hard with foil a couple times yesterday trying to fly over shallow spots…)

Update: So we have been here almost a week. While several ofthe days the forecast was for almost no wind, ocean side I could ride every day, and even bay side early in the day and late in the afternoon I could ride. Wind typically some version of south, an AWESOME time here!
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