Airush Sector V3 -- In Stock Now

V3 Sector -- now in 54cm width   3 or 4 fin set up

                    60cm width   3 or 4 fin set up

                    new 66cm width  3 or 4 fin set up

                    "classic" 60cm width now called "one"

Fix your kite with KiteFix for a fraction of the cost of sending it off somewhere to be fixed.  I have personally repaired kites that were torn in half and continued using that kite for a full year without a problem.  It performs as good as new.  

We have every KiteFix product in stock.  Call or email for our crazy low prices.

The answer is kite landboarding!  We now carry the full line of killer boards from MBS, the leading brand of landboards in the world, all at substantial savings.    Call us to find out more.  414-520-1493

Adventure Bicycle and Kiteboarding LLC

As a proud sponsor of Kiteboard Milwaukee, we want you to know that even as temperatures drop, kiteboarding is heating up.  That's right, the same fronts that bring us these temperature fluctuatations means better wind.  

So, if you are considering kiteboarding, do not wait until next summer, start now when the wind is good.  Then, in winter, put your snowboard or skis on and go out on the snow or frozen lakes.  Kiteboarding is a year round sport.  

 Please contact us for information on what equipment is most appropriate for you. We consider your kite experience, local conditions, style of riding, and goals for the sport. Test rides and demonstration equipment are available; actually, it is the best way to learn what you should purchase.

Call: 414–760–1493 or 414-520-1493